Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taneycomo, what a change!

I had an opportunity to visit Taneycomo for the first time since the spring floods and almost constant high water of the summer.  Too bad I didn't have before and after pictures. The run that I loved to fish with my soft hackles (just below the rebar hole) is entirely different.  There is now a deep hole, a new bend in the stream and a completely different channel. As I approached the tree stump, I noticed a blue heron perched on the stump.  With the mist still hanging over the lake it would have been a good picture, but the heron moved as I got close enough for a shot.

I started fishing a run that would drag my flies across the hole.  Had some success with a couple of "classic" soft hackles.  A purple and starling, an orange and partridge and a not so classic green caddis all produced in this hole.  Unfortunately, I tired of it and moved down stream were the purple and starling again proved to be a good fly. As I was stopping for lunch, I paused to watch a fisherman who moved into the hole I vacated a short time before land a beautiful 21 inch buck rainbow.  Beautiful colors.  I used the man's phone to take a picture for him with his catch while I secretly wished I had stayed a little longer.  He was using a weighted rabbit strip fly.

After a good morning at the lake, I went to Dana's Barbecue and Burgers for what I think is the best burger around.  Good way to celebrate my 68th birthday!!!