Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finally fishing

After too long without fishing, I finally made it down to Taneycomo this morning.  When I called to check on water conditions, it was no generation until 9 PM.  That sounded great, so even with a front moving in and a drop in temperature, Wayne and I headed for the water. It was cloudy with the sun breaking through occasionally and strong wind gusts.  I caught several more maple leaves than fish, but I did manage to catch and release three that were between 14 and 16 inches.  All but one, a smaller trout, were colorful.

I had just hooked this small, 10-12 inch, trout and was bringing it in when I was reminded of the tee shirt that says, sorry I missed your call, but I was busy on my other line.  The shirt's picture implies there is a fish on the his fly line. That was me, my cell phone ringing and me ignoring it until I landed the fish.  My niece is eight months pregnant and I'm her backup baby sitter if when she needs to go to the hospital, so I brought my phone down to the water with me. It wasn't her though, but a fishing buddy from Pevely.  He wanted to give me the possible dates for a fishing trip to Florida that we are planning.  Trout released, fly dangling in the water and talking to my buddy when I feel a tug on my rod.  Yes, a fish had grabbed my soft hackle.  I tried to keep him busy while listening to my friend, but he finally broke off the fly, never did see this one.

A little later I caught my last fish, it was particularly colorful, so I took out my camera to take his picture.  The camera wouldn't come on and I had charged the battery last night.  My thoughts were did the battery completely die, is something wrong with the camera, or did I do something really dumb like leave the battery in the charger? About this time the sky was really getting dark with rain clouds, so I headed for the shore and called to Wayne that I was going to get out to beat the approaching rain.  As we made it to the shore, the horn went off about 9 hours before they were supposed to start running water. By the time we were changed and leaving the park the horn had sounded three times.  We headed to Dana's for the best burgers around.

Forgot to report, I had put my camera battery in  backwards and now it works fine.  So maybe there will be pictures next time.