Friday, August 3, 2012

Two mornings on Taneycomo

Morning mist on Taneycomo
Marty was down from Festus, so we tried our luck on Taney Wednesday morning.  It started cloudy, with a spotty fog. We both fished purple and starling soft hackles with varied success.  This proved to be one of my better days at not missing hits and landing what I hooked. When the fog lifted and the bright sun came out, I switched to a caddis green soft hackle and had fish on three of my first four casts.  We fished for a little less than two hours and I netted about 12 fish, none of great size, but lots of to catch. Marty was fishing the same fly, but had little success.

Dean came down Wednesday evening and the three of us met Friday for a few more hours of fishing. The picture above shows Marty and Dean shortly after we started fishing.  Same misty conditions to begin with, but the sun never shown bright while we were there.  Dean loves to fish a white thread jig under an indicator and, as usual for him, was catching fish.  I started with my purple and starling with a little, very little, success and later added the green caddis when a nice fish broke off my fly.  All of the fish I caught were on the purple.

When I caught my 4th or 5th fish, I gave Marty a rough time since he hadn't had a take yet.  I asked if he wanted to take my rod and see what it feels like to play a fish.  Even though I fished hard for a long time afterwards, that fish was my last landed of the day.

Dean was almost as bad.  Shortly after my last fish, he landed a trout, held it up toward Marty and said "hey Marty, want to see what a trout looks like?"

A little later Marty caught his only trout of the day, but it was probably the nicest one caught.

Marty landing his fish

Look what I got
I shouldn't be so hard on Marty.  It was him and his family that got me started fly fishing in the mid nineties.  That start has led to many great times on the water, my interest in fly tying and because of this hobby, many new and good friends.  So thanks, Marty, I owe you big.
As I was leaving the water, I heard a loud splash and turned around just in time to see Dean coming up out of the water.  All of those rocks weren't here when he last fished this area.  So Marty had the last laugh!!!