Sunday, December 2, 2012

Montauk in December

MTFA has a statewide meeting the first Saturday in December each year.  This marks the second time I've been able to attend.  The meeting is noon Saturday, so we had booked a cabin for Friday and Saturday, that leaves lots of time for fishing and eating. The main courses were quail Friday night, Fish Fry Saturday, eggs in a hole, I'll let you wonder about that, for breakfast.  Good food and plenty of it. Also good company in fishing friends Warren, Rod and Kim

Last year was my first visit to Montauk since the mid seventies, so I had lots of exploring to do. This is the beginning of the Current River and a beautiful place to fish. I'm getting over a bad urinary tract infection and most of my get up and go has got up and went, so I stayed where the was no wading required and very easy wading.  That meant I fished by the spring  or by what I call the "spring creek" area. 

The area near the spring fished well, nothing large, but very colorful fish.  I did not feel comfortable crossing the stream, but made it back and forth both times without getting wet. Th spring creek area is strictly catch and release all year, no wading is allowed.  Its one of those places where I kneel down and cast from that position.  It is so full of fish, some very nice, that it doesn't look possible to bring a fly through without snagging is.  In the couple of hours I fished there, I saw 2 fish brought to hand and one was mine.  So I felt pretty good about that.  I moved out of this area to the other side of the road and started some of my best fishing of the day.

Bringing the trout to hand.