Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sowbug, March fish and a "Little White Lie"

Wayne and I left for Mountain Home and the Sowbug Round-up last Thursday. The sowbug was moved to the fairgrounds this year and it made a good thing even better.  Lots more room and the tyers were arranged in a much more convenient fashion.  Saw lots of friends there and learned a few new things for tying.  I always enjoy watching and talking to the tyers and picking up tricks.  Also I get to visit with fly fishers that I don't see that often in the Ozark area. 

Wayne and I managed to fish Friday and Saturday afternoons and Sunday morning before they turned the water on. Friday was a slow day, I only had a couple of takes and managed a couple of nice fish...very colorful.  After the horn blew, we were taking our time at the car and a guide that had done quite well asked what we were using.  He almost laughed when I told him I was using, yes, soft hackles.  He had been doing very good, just a cut-throat away from a slam.  He showed us what he had been using and told us how deep he was fishing.  Thus hint # 1 for Saturday: small #18-22 midges about 6 inches deep.

Saturday morning and time for the Little White Lie.  Russ was tying this year and he told us how well he did.  He was using a small jig: white chenille and a red collar...said they torn the fish up with it.  He tied and gave both Wayne and me one and told us how he was fishing them.  That afternoon we head back to the water.  Wayne ties on a Little White Lie (LWL) and I tie on a #20 midge.  We follow all the advice we were given.  I try smaller # 22 and larger #18, different colors and finally a LWL. Not even a take much less a fish. 

Sunday I go back to my soft hackles and do much better. Nothing really large, but again most were very colorful fish.  As always, I enjoyed my trip to the White and seeing friends. Here's one of my March fish.