Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy Weekend

MTFA tied flies at the Springfield Nature Center yesterday from 1 until 4.  We had lots of interested viewers and hopefully will gain a few new members.  Lots of youngsters tied their first flies with the help of members. I took advantage of the demonstration to tie patterns for my upcoming Alaska trip,  I tied both green-butt and red-butt skunks, battle creeks, and polar shrimp.  I think everyone involved had a good time.

Today SMFF had their annual winter trip to Roaring River.  I had a slow day on the water, only one good hook-up ( on a Royal Wulff of all things).  Lots of good fish present, but they were particular. I tried soft hackles, woollies, Griffin's Gnats, patriots, and crackle backs.  Lots of looks, few takes.

It was a cold day, but pausing at noon for chili, brats, and lots of other goodies with fellow club members made it a good day. The highlight of the lunch break though was a bald eagle that flew above the river when I arrived at the pavilion.

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