Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flies for Reel Recovery

Sleet, now snow and apparently lots of it coming.  Blizzard warning for today until 6 AM tomorrow, so this guys not leaving the house for awhile.  What to do? Tie flies.  Shown above are 3 dozen that I just tied for Reel Recovery Missouri's event in April. They will have up to 15 men with cancer in the program.  It sounds like a good thing for these men, so I thought I'd do my part to help out. So far, I've tied 15 size 20 Griffith's Gnats and 30 size 14 Cracklebacks (15 each in two colors). The materials for the gnats are in the picture, along with a bobbin I just finished.

I'll add the web site for two of my favorite organizations, Reel Recovery (for men with cancer) and Project Healing Waters ( for disabled vets).  Both of these help their members through fly fishing.  I've met some wonderful people through PHW. 

One of my buddies just reported that he caught 46 nice Rainbows at Taneycomo yesterday.  He said number 47 broke him off and he was too cold to tie on another fly.  Way to go Russ!!! One of these days I'll have to see how well he counts.

We're waiting for confirmation of our flights for Alaska.  I'm going to fly fish and Gary will use spinning tackle. I expect we'll both have fun. Now its time to tie some more flies for the Alaska trip.

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