Monday, December 19, 2011

Taney Revisited Again

Maybe because its so close or possibly because I usually have some "luck" there, I seem to get to Lake Taneycomo more than other locations.  I was fortunate to make it twice this past week.  I found out they were not running water Monday afternoon, so I went south.  Started slow and I actually took off my soft-hackle and tied on one of my last two bibios (need to tie some more).  Started catching fish on those, no size, not too much fight, but colorful. Then a fish took me into some of the rock that was just below the surface and cut my tippet. The second bibio couldn't buy a strike.  I moved a little further down stream; that doesn't sound right when fishing a lake, but if you fished Taney, you know what I mean.
     I tried my soft hackles again with some success; because of the flat water I was stripping them more than I normally do.  Again, no really nice fish; most were in the 12-14 inch range. Finally decided it was time to head to Dana's for the best burger's in the area.  When I got just upstream from the stump a hole opened up and I couldn't pass it by.  I was lucky enough to get a few more small trout when a fellow fishing just below me came up and started talking.  He had seen me stripping the fly and asked if I was using a woolly.  Said he saw me doing pretty well when I was downstream.  As we were having a nice conversation, I had a really nice fish hit and I missed him.  The guy commented that it looked like a good fish and apologized for talking to me and causing a miss.  I made about 8 to 10 more casts, still talking then decided Dana's was really calling.  As I was reeling my line in, the man asked to see the fly I had been using.  Sure, I don't mind sharing and have even given flies to fellow fishermen.  But all I had to show him was embarrassment.  That fish I "missed" took my fly...a nice clean break.  Usually, after a miss I check my tackle just to be sure. After a quick stop at River Run and visiting there with Gina, I went to Dana's and got that single burger, all the way, with onion rings and a diet coke. Ummmm!
     On Friday I had an urge to do more fishing, but they were scheduled to run water all week end and today, so I started thinking about either Roaring River or Bennett Spring. Still hadn't made up my mind by Saturday when Russ called and asked if I wanted to go to Taney with him on Sunday.  I said I'd like to go,but they were scheduled to run water all day.  He said he was taking his boat and wanted to try out his "new" motor.  Too many times in the past when Russ asked me to go I had to decline, so I said yes and we'd meet at his house the next morning.
     They had been running 2 units and as I was taking Russ' truck up to the parking area another horn went off.  The boat was launched with no problem, we both rigged up with San Juan worms, large bright pink, heavy split shot and floats that seemed big enough to float a horse.  If you've ever gone fishing with Russ, you know that he usually has the first, the biggest and the most fish. It was the same thing Sunday. I saw a comment on Facebook today that someone posted under the picture of Russ with his nicest fish caught. The commenter said he saw Russ catch a 5+lb bass out of a muddy rut.  I believe it.
     I had a great time, thanks Russ, caught a few nice fish. Yes, Russ caught a lot more.  I believe these were the first I've ever caught on a San Juan worm.  I was surprised how quickly we were pushed downstream, but the water was really moving.   The only fly I lost all day was to the trolling motor, not a fish.  Knots all held fine and tippet was good.  Of course I was using heavier tippet than normal.
     It was a good week.  Got to fish twice and spend time with fellow anglers.

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