Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Distant Waters/Home Waters

Recently returned from a two week trip with out west...Grand Canyon and Pagosa Springs areas with Pat and Wayne.  Mainly went for sightseeing, but was able to do a little fishing when we were at Pagosa. Thanks to a recommendation from MTFA member Kerry, I located Hatcher Lake near the condo we were staying in.  We fished this beautiful lake three mornings and two evenings, with the late mornings proving best. We had no boat and most fishing available was from the shore or a large dock.  We chose the dock.  The water was very clear; and the dock was located above a nice, but costly, grass/weed bed. When the fish got anywhere near the dock they dove and tried, usually successfully, to twist our lines and leaders around the vegetation. Unfortunately I can be a slow learner and I never changed to heavier tackle...I was using a 4 wt with 5x tippet.  But it was definitely fun.  We caught trout, largemouth bass and pan fish.
Wayne and the nicest bass either of us landed.

Me with the largest trout

We also had what I believe is a western Grebe with us most of the time.  It was fun to watch this bird swim under water for what seemed like ages only to resurface yards from where he first went under. One thing I learned is that I am a more accurate caster than I thought. When the trout were cruising, I was usually able to gently place my fly within 18-20 inches of him, usually with good results. I had good results with one of Ralph Cutter's emerging midge patterns.

Today I went back to more familiar waters, Taneycomo. Marty, Jim and I met at the old "rocking chair" area. This was my first time in this spot in at least a year and like most of Taney it was changed from what I was used to. I don't believe I could wade across here like I used to and to reach the area that I used to like to fish I probably needed to enter from the other side of the lake. There was easy access though and after a short time, that seemed like forever, they trout turned on to what I was offering.  I had lots of takes and fish on a combo...a purple and starling soft hackle followed by a tan G-bug. This rig has proven to be good at Taney the last times I've fished here and I had fish on each fly. We all caught fish once we had both or one of these flies on.

Now I'm eager to get out some more.  This weekend I may take Randy's foster child out for some fishing.  He's told Randy he likes to fish so we'll try a nice farm pond near Linn Saturday or Sunday.

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