Friday, January 11, 2013

Fish Tales

Late start to fishing this year.  But the weather was beautiful and they were not scheduled to run water all day, so off to Taneycomo. I packed all of my equipment, then decided I better check to be sure the water was off. Called and the recording said zero generation, just what I was expecting! Then the lake level followed by the tailwater level.  Tail water was over 705 feet which means they had been running water and just turned it off. This level would have meant just the top of my head above water, but hopefully it would be near normal when I arrived so off I went.

When I got to the parking lot the level looked just right for fishing and not many cars! Waders on, I headed for the water.  There must have been 3 or 4 fishermen in each car; the lake was crowded. The spot I normally fish had 8 or 9 people in it.  Usually I feel crowded if I'm the 4th. Oh well, I head a little further downstream and start casting.  Wham! I've got a fish and I mean a really nice one.  He runs this way and that but I'm making progress.  When I spot him, my heart starts beating faster, this will be the largest rainbow I've caught.  Well, it would have been.  My line suddenly goes limp and I'm thinking I've tied a defective knot.  But when I retrieve my line here is what I have.

You'll notice that all the dressing is still there, but the business end, the point is missing.  the hook was broken off at the bend.  Not a cheap hook, its a TMC.

The rest of the morning was slow, I caught a few more, all between 12 and 14 inches.  Fish were caught on the purple soft hackle and the tan g-bug.  All in all, a good morning, slow, but never too long without a fish.  So, a few days late, but I got my first fish of the year.  The one below was about the 3rd or 4th fish caught.

Finished the morning, early afternoon actually, with a trip to Dana's.  Still one of the best burgers around, but I skipped the onion rings this time.

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