Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring 2014 MSU Class

Most of us have heard the expression "that's why they call this fishing and not catching." When I asked one of our experienced fishing students how he liked the fishing at our Thursday evening outing at Mountain Springs Trout Park, he replied: "this isn't fishing, its catching." Last Thursday was one of the most productive nights I've ever seen anywhere. We had 24 people fishing, 18 students and 6 members.  Everyone caught fish, big fish and lots of them.  Larry estimated about 700 pounds of fish.  He might have been a little high, but not much!

Today we went to Roaring River State Park.  The fishing was slow, but I believe everyone caught fish. One student decided she wanted to take her fish home, so Joe took her to the cleaning station and showed her how to fillet her trout.  Later, she told me how much she loved eating fish and proudly showed me the fillet.  Then took about 15 minutes to tell me how much she enjoyed the class. Most of the students expressed their desire to follow up on their fly fishing, so the class was truly a success.

My thanks to all of the members of MTFA that helped with the classes, or the two fishing trips or all of the above.

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