Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crane Creek Clean-up

Today was the annual SMFF Super Bowl Sunday cleanup of Crane Creek.  Well, okay, we were a little late this year, but we blame it on the ice and snow that we had then.  Though it was a little cool, we met at the Upper Wire Road for coffee and donuts followed by trash collecting.  Larry and I went to the Conservation Area parking lot furthest upstream and walked down stream for about 2 miles collecting whatever trash we found. I believe the most popular drink in that area is Bud Light.  We picked up more of their bottles and cans than any other.  I wish it had all been cans...two reasons, one they're lighter and two, they don't break.

As we were working our way down stream, a fly fisher who was leaving.  He said he had caught a couple of small fish, and they were caught on Adams.  That got both Larry's and my interest...dry flies! He told us of what amounted to our most unusual trash, a discarded screened canopy. After breaking apart the poles and rolling up the screen we were able to cart it, along with our other trash, the last mile and a half of our trek to the parking lot. Walking the stream, we took the time to scout out some nice looking riffles and pools.  It looks like both of us are planning to return to fish for those wild McClouds.

When we made it back to were we had our coffee and donuts, we found that the others had moved to and around the city park. There were about 5 or 6 guys from SMFF, a couple from the conservation department, and some boys and staff from a nearby DFS home. Thank goodness for the young bloods.  They are very enthusiastic workers.  This is the second year they helped with the cleanup and they have also provided a helping hand with some tree planting we did at the park in the past.

Didn't see any wildlife to speak of; some wildflowers were beginning to pop out. Daffodils and some "little purple" flowers. I never was much good at plant identification. Took an interesting way home over Tin Can Hollow Road. It was an scenic drive.

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