Friday, March 11, 2011

Roaring River

Fishing buddies, Russ and Tyler, and I headed for Roaring River State Park this morning.  Planned to leave Russ' house around seven.  On the way down Tyler spotted a field full of deer and a bald eagle resting on the ground. Russ and I missed these.  Oh to have young eyes again.

Russ was intent to try his hand at Czech nymphing, Tyler is a woolly bugger man, and I went to my old stand by, the soft hackle.  We all switched flies throughout the day.  I had luck with both the purple and black soft hackle and the caddis green one. Before lunch we fished the upper area.  Here's a nice fish I caught on a caddis green.
We all caught a few and lost a few before we took our lunch break, changing flies as the morning went on. After lunch we moved to the flies only area.  Besides the soft hackles, I tried white thread jig, white wire worm, stimulator and even a Royal Trude.  Had takes on most.  Learned that I need a lot more practice fishing with an indicator.

Late afternoon, Russ complained about no longer having fun.  Then he changed to his white wire worm (www) and I think he caught about 15 in one pool.  I finally borrowed a www and after a while had some nice takes...but as I said earlier, I need more practice with the indicator...I missed every take while I had the indicator on.
Here's Russ landing a nice trout after switching to the www. Russ, a disabled vet, is a member of SMFF and MTFA and does a lot of work with Project Healing Waters . Tyler was a student in the MTFA class at MSU a few semesters ago and has helped us with the MSU class since then.

It was a beautiful day to spend outdoors with friends, especially when you can be on a trout stream.

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