Friday, February 24, 2012

February Fishing

Today marked only the second time I've been on (in) the water this month. Results were about the same as last time.

Just over a week ago, Russ gave me a call about noon and asked if I wanted to go to Taneycomo, with little hesitation, even though it was rainy and cold, I said yes.  He took me to a place just above the old KOA Kampground that I've not fished before.  The water looked great; looks can be deceiving. Russ, who always out catches me only caught three fish and he was the one who asked to call it a day after only about two hours.  I netted one, only had two takes, and it was a very colorful 15 inch rainbow.  Quality tops quantity?

Today was cool, cloudy, and windy.  At least the lake wasn't too crowded.  I found a spot that I usually do okay in and tied on my soft hackle, a purple and starling.  In the past I've done well with this fly, in these conditions.  That was in the past. Nothing, not even a take on this fly. Shortly afterwards I tied on a red fox squirrel soft hackle.  I really did well with this pattern in January.  Finally, a take and a rainbow. It was very close to being a keeper, on the short end; there's a 12-20 inch slot here. that means you release everything in that range. Small, colorless fish but at least it was a fish. I moved a little ways downstream and in a very short time had three hits that led to one fish in hand, a long distance release and a complete miss.  The fish brought to hand could have been the same fish I'd caught earlier.

I mentioned that it was cool, cloudy and windy.  It was actually nice whenever the sun broke through the clouds, which was rare and the wind wasn't gusting from 25-30 mph, which was even more rare. You know what, it sounds like I was complaining, but actually I was explaining. Cold as I got, as slow as the fishing, I was out in the water and that was great! Its always so relaxing when I get out like that.  Did I mention, that before I got in the water, I stopped at Dana's for one of the best burgers in the area?

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