Saturday, February 11, 2012

Galapagos islands and Peru Part 2

Flamingos!!! Overnight Tuesday we sailed to a different part of Santa Cruz. So Wednesday morning I once again went on the early morning photo hike. We landed on a lava beach and spotted the now ho-hum crabs, sea lions and iguanas. Not too far from the beach we came to a stagnant water pond and in it were flamingos. The light was good and I got several pictures, a few I'll post here. We then hiked to an overlook and saw our ship in the distance. Along the way we saw several land iguanas and some interesting cacti.

Hate to say it, but I was so tired upon our return that I took a great nap while others were out snorkelinh. After lunch we took a zodiac ride to Conway Bay...lots of birds, a few iguanas and sea lions. A sea lion was thrashing a fish on the water trying to stun it so he could swallow. this attracted a large number of frigates that tried to steal the fish. Fun to watch. Sailed around Daphne Major and had supper and a relaxing evening.

Thursday and we are going to visit both Bartolome and Sombrero Chino. Bartolome looks like the lunar surface, and that's from one of the astronauts thats been both places. The summit is 359 feet high and I climbed all 376 steps.  Luckily there were places I could stop and catch my breath. When I reached the summit, I did notice some vegetation and beaches.  On the way up I saw a couple of lizards and an occasional cactus. After breakfast, yes once again the hike was before, I took another glass bottom boat ride and saw another whitetipped reef shark, a chocoloate chip star fish and a tiger fish eel that was quite snakelike.  Lots of colorful fish were also seen.

The Chinese Hat looked very much like one.  I went for a relaxing time on the beach.  We saw lots of crabs and a small group of sea lions.  On the way back we spotted some penguins on shore.  I'm going to blame my cutting their heads off on rough seas.  They were a little choppy today, but I should have done better.


Your's truly

Some of our naturalists and photo instructors

That highest point is where we hiked to.


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