Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall at the Springfield Nature Center

If you are looking for fishing, I'm sorry.  This will just be some pictures I've taken while walking at the Springfield Nature Center this fall.  I've included some animal and some that just show Mother Nature at her best. I like what I call "artsy-fartsy" pictures, so the subject matter may vary, but all photos where taken at the Nature Center this fall.

I was on the board walk watching these young ladies.  I had spotted them from the bridge and made my way along the boardwalk. Then I saw the buck shown above coming along.  He was aware of me, but didn't seem too concerned.  Usually, the buck are more skittish than the doe.  This morning I came upon one group of doe that I could have hit with a short roll cast and one that I could have tickled with my 8' 6" fly rod.  They really are that used to people.

At this point, I'd estimate the distance between me and the buck was less than 30 feet. This morning, directly below the Nature Center building I spotted the buck shown below.  There was a man and his daughter walking down the steps from the building and when they reached the bottom of the steps I pointed out the buck.  That will give those of you familiar with the area just where he was.  This is the second time I saw him in this area.

Besides the large critters, there are a few smaller ones. There is at least one more little fellow that had ran out of the picture. I believe I saw more chipmunks this year than ever before.  And there are lots of squirrels! Like the songbirds, these guys are hard to photograph, always on the move.

I really got lucky on the shot above. The focus seems to be pretty good with the background blurred. Now a couple of my "artsy-fartsy" shots.

Last week one of my Facebook friends, I forget who, posted a picture of a frost flower.  I don't believe I had ever heard of them before.  Then this morning, my good friend and fishing buddy Larry, posted pictures of some from his backyard.

Just after I saw the nice buck I saw what I thought was white plastic bags thrown close to the trail.  When I got close I saw what I believe are the first frost flowers I've ever seen. They are definitely the first I ever recognized as what they are. Here are a couple of shots of them. A few up close and then an area shot.

Near the end of today's hike I saw a flock of about 10 turkeys. These two started across the trail, changed their mind and ran along the trail for a short distance, then back toward the others.

That's all for now.  I've got to tie some flies and leaders for a February fishing trip to Belize. I might show some of the flies as I get them tied and, hopefully, some fish pictures when I return.

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